Kittens are born in cattery.





Our produsers became champions:

Silver Sphinx Alita Solli - Kitten-Champion,

Silver Sphinx Lady Lee Santa - Junior-Champion!!!

And victory in WCF rings!








Sphynx cattery is glad to welcome you on the website


Silver Sphinx


Amazing and mysterious Sphynx cat will not leave you indifferent.


Love to Shynx begins with a touch to the warm, velvety skin. When they hug you with their paws, look in your eyes what else can you feel but for the love and affection for these lovely creatures?


Sphynx is a magical image that you fall in love once and forever. Their difference from other cats is an exotic and unique appearance and as a unique character that is not really a cat character. It seems that they do not consider themselves cats.


Sphynx needs a constant contact with a human, in love is the master is all their happiness. Gentle quadrupeds creatures are ready to follow you anywhere and everywhere. They are completely loyal to the man, remarkably sociable, affectionate and can not stand being alone. Whatever you do, you will always be next to your Sphynx.

In our nursery you will be able to get acquainted with the cats of Canadian sphynx breed, to receive the information you need on the issues of housing, feeding and care. Also we will be happy to help you get a kitten sphynx - your long-awaited dream.

You can also buy a Sphynx kitten at the Silver Sphynx cattery site.


Silver Sphynx Cattery is breeding cats of the Canadian sphinx breed. At our site you can read a description of this cat breed, where the photos of cats and kittens of the Canadian sphinx breed are presented. Here you will find useful information about the Sphynx breed.



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